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About Us
About Us
IvyTown.com is an online program devoted to tutoring middle school and high school students in the field of writing. Now operated by a group of professionals who were educated at Harvard University, IvyTown.com started as TopEditors.com entirely by the Harvard-educated tutors in 2002. IvyTown.com is an affiliate program of The American Coalition of English Educators (ACEE), which was founded in 1998 and changed its name to The Ivy Town Educators, Inc. in 2003.

Since 1998, we have focused on helping students enhance their English and writing skills, developing test-preparation materials for the verbal and writing sections of the SAT I, PSAT, and SAT II writing subject tests. After the College Board announced that the New SAT would include a writing section beginning in March 2005, IvyTown.com reformatted part of its tutoring guidelines to meet the new demand in SAT essay writing. IvyTown.com changed its name to WritingCare.com in 2009.

Back in 2000, we published 1,200 vocabulary flashcards and 16 SAT-test prep booklets for the high school students through SATwords.com. Then we started to operate another online book-reading program, ReadingCare.com, in 2003. The SATwords.com program merged into ReadingCare.com in 2009. In ReadingCare.com, we have expanded the flashcard system to the unprecedentedly large volume of 4,800 flashcards that encompass the entire range of vocabulary words taught at all school levels in USA.

The article reading program in ReadingCare.com is another unique tutoring service we offer, in which students read a few selected articles every day, published in many prominent newspapers and magazines. The participants are helped by our teaching staff for each article with the vocabulary notes, sentence analysis, paragraph summary, the SAT-level questions, and the forum that allows students to ask questions individually.

It is our primary mission at Ivy Town Educators, Inc. to help students train themselves to make outstanding readers and writers before they go to colleges.