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Student's Essay - First Draft
Student's Essay - First Draft

Title: Even a failure can still be valuable

1 Every accomplishment has a failure or failures attached
2 to it. To achieve success, there first must be failure.
3 All the famous people in history have one thing in
4 common, faced with failure, they didn't give in to
5 it. They kept up their endeavors until they tasted


7 A common time for teens to taste failure is when those
8 college letters come pouring in. If they are letters
9 of acceptance all is well. But life isn't a bed of
10 roses, it could be a rejection letter from a favorite
11 college. Teens tend to think that being rejected by
12 the college of their desire is a personal rejection
13 of themselves as people. But teens who understand that life
14 will still go on and shape their life for themselves will learn
15 how to handle life. They will learn that life will not always
16 go their way and that they will make mistakes. And that

despite that they will still make something of themselves.

18 A famous failure from history is the story of the
19 Apollo 13 mission. It is now known as "NASA's most
20 successful failure." The Apollo 13 spacecraft was on its way
21 to the moon when an oxygen tank onboard blew up. The
22 situation was life-threatening because the crew and craft
23 were 200,000 miles away from Earth. They trusted each other
24 and the people back in Houston to come up with a solution and
25 they succeeded. As a result, everyone got back safely and
26 in one piece. How can this failure be perceived as
27 a success? The astronauts and the people in Houston
28 didn't give up, they didn't waste their time on what-
29 if's and calmly worked the problem out. They learned
30 more things about the risks of space travel and how to build
31 a safer craft. They used their knowledge of the failure

as a foundation for future success.

33 Failure is a stepping-stone to success. Therefore
34 it is important to regard failure as a temporary fallback,
35 not a door closed for eternity.