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Getting help with school assignments
Getting help with school assignments
When you need help with your schoolwork or other extracurricular writing, you must get approval from your tutor in advance. The tutor can replace one regular WritingCare topic with a topic of your choosing in order to help you within the same format as a regular WritingCare assignment. It means that one outside assignment is equivalent to one regular WritingCare assignment which is two weeks long.

Normally, the tutor writes a final version of the essay at the end of the second critique, but there will be no final version written for outside assignments.

If the tutor must use extra time beyond the regular length of time (i.e., more than two hours), due to excessive length of the assignment outside of regular WritingCare activities, there will be an additional charge at the same hourly rate that is charged for regular tutoring.

The tutor is not responsible for the grades, awards, or any outcomes resulting from this tutoring for writing assignments outside of regular WritingCare activities.