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General Writing
General Writing
  1. You are assigned to one of IvyTown.com's Harvard-educated tutors, and remain assigned to the same tutor for the duration of the program. This ensures that our tutor can become familiar with your particular strengths and weaknesses, and can tailor the program to suit your specific needs. (In the event that the tutor leaves IvyTown.com before the program is complete, you will be assigned a new tutor. However, we do strongly encourage our tutors to finish the programs they have begun, if that is at all possible.)

  2. You receive a written assignment especially created for the IvyTown program. The weekly assignments are divided into two age groups, middle school and high school. Possible assignments may include book reports, essay questions, or fictional pieces; we've made sure that the assignments are full of creativity and variety. One week we may ask for a two-page essay about genetic engineering; the next time, the assignment might be to write an alternate ending for a short story or book you have read. We believe that the variety of assignments will make you a more well-rounded writer.

  3. You send a first draft of the assignment to your tutor by a certain day of the week, every other week. This day will be your "due date" every week.

  4. Your tutor carefully edits the first draft and checks it for organization, clarity, tone, style, grammar, spelling, and overall quality. He or she will then write a detailed critique of the piece, indicating what the best parts were and how you might strengthen the weaker sections. Rather than rewriting the first draft for you, your tutor will give suggestions as to how the piece can be improved. We believe that this is the only way you'll learn from your mistakes and become a better writer. Each student must be an active participant, not a passive watcher, in the writing process. Grammar and spelling errors will be identified for you, and you'll then be directed to the corresponding lectures on grammar on our web site. If a certain grammar problem is not listed in our web site's notes on grammar, your tutor will explain it to you in his or her critique.

  5. Your tutor sends the critique and the original assignment back to you within 48 hours of your due date.

  6. You then have the rest of the week to read the critique, fix the problems in the first draft, and send your second draft back to your tutor by your weekly due date.

  7. Your tutor then gives a second edit to your second draft. He or she fixes any remaining problems, identifying them for you in a second, shorter critique. Your tutor will also write a final draft by himself or herself, polishing the finer details of your second draft to show you how futher you could improve your essay.

  8. By the next due date, you turn in the first draft of your next assignment.
Basically, by the due date every week, you will send your tutor one of two things: either the final draft of one assignment, or the first draft of the next assignment.

Although this system sounds a little complicated at first, we can assure you that once you're assigned a tutor, the procedure will be easy to follow. With the practice and close guidance that the IvyTown Tutoring Program provides, you will learn how to write with more confidence, intelligence, ease, and style than ever before.
  • Tuition for General Writing Tutoring : $320.00/4 weeks