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Student's Essay - First Draft
Student's Essay - First Draft
1 In America today Freedom is a very important thing.
2 Without Freedom we would not be able to do many of
3 the things we can do today.
4 This is what the word Freedom means to me: being allowed
5 to have as many choices as we want and being able
6 to choose any of them. In class, we learned that
7 women in Afghanistan receive very heavy sentences
8 for trying to exercise basic freedoms like driving
9 a car or showing your face. I don't know what I would
10 do if I had to constantly cover my face and not be
11 able to show who I am to the world.
12 The word freedom reminds me of the American flag,
13 too. People look at the flag waving high above our
14 buildings and they know that we live in a country
15 where Freedom is one of the most important things.
16 My grandmother is from Germany, where they didn't
17 have freedom for a very long time. She has told me
18 stories about how terrible life was for them when
19 Adolf Hitler was taking away people's freedom. He
20 killed a lot of people trying to take away there Freedom
21 but that wouldn't ever happen in America.
22 Another thing about Freedom is that it's name means
23 it's free. It doesn't cost us anything. All we have
24 to do is let people do what they want to do, as long
25 as it doesn't hurt anybody else. Because if no one's
26 hurting anyone else then no one's freedom is being
27 taken away without them knowing. Freedom is the most
28 important thing we have because without it we would
29 have to do what other people tell us to, like in other
30 countries like Afghanistan.
31 My favorite freedom is freedom of speech, which is
32 also the most important freedom. My friends are always
33 telling me that I like to talk a lot. But if I lived
34 somewhere else besides America I wouldn't be able
35 to talk or say the things that I am always saying.
36 Freedom means speaking your mind even if it offends
37 someone else or even if it makes them feel bad. And
38 you have to be able to hear the things that other
39 people want to say even if it offends you.
40 The American government is as good as it is because
41 we have a lot of freedom. I would not want to live
42 without freedom, like those other people. That would
43 change my life and I would not like it because I appreciate
44 the freedom I have in America.