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What is the General Writing
Tutoring Program?
What is the General Writing
Tutoring Program?
If you’re in the 5th grade or above, and your writing skills aren’t advanced enough for the New SAT’s essay questions, enroll in our General Writing Private Tutoring program to improve your general writing skills. Our HARVARD-educated tutors offer help in the following categories:
  • Persuasive expository writing
  • Informative expository writing
  • Creative writing
  • Five-paragraph essay writing
  • …and more!

Every week or every other week you’ll receive an interesting new writing prompt that falls into one of the above categories. Your private tutor will give you a detailed critique of your usage, grammar, and spelling, along with a letter that lists the ways you can improve your organization, structure, and word choice. Then, you’ll write a second draft, and your tutor will send you a second critique based on the changes you have made!

The strength of our tutoring program lies in the personal attention that you receive from your highly qualified private tutor. The writing assignments are thought-provoking writing prompts designed to encourage you to think critically and write creative, well-organized pieces.

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