At, we select only the best tutors from the best schools in America.
  • We ask applicants from Harvard to submit their test scores, resumes, and writing samples before giving them a rigorous application to complete.
  • The application consists of a tutoring guide and a sample essay that each applicant must critique, both grammatically and structurally.
  • Then, if the critique is flawless and the teaching method is solid, we finally invite the applicant to join our staff as a tutor.
  • Only 20% of applicants -all taken from Harvard -actually succeed in getting hired by

In short, we do not hire just anyone from an Ivy League school: only the most accomplished and dedicated -the best of the best- can pass our demanding selection process.

Furthermore, after being hired, all of our tutors receive specific instruction on how to best teach their students. General writing tutors are trained to provide superior instruction in all areas of writing; they can teach you how to write powerful, successful pieces. We train our New SAT tutors using the actual scoring guidelines that the College Board provides for its scorers. This ensures that our tutors know exactly what the scorers of the tests will be grading. The instruction that all New SAT students receive will be tailored around these guidelines. Our effective techniques and methods cannot be found anywhere else.

An administrative supervisor regularly checks the tutor's critiques to ensure that the quality level never falls short of's high standards.